Practical Python Projects (English Edition)
Practical Python Projects (English Edition)
Practical Python Projects (English Edition)
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Practical Python Projects (English Edition)

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    340 pages

    When learning to program, most books, websites, and tutorials focus on teaching the intricacies of the language. They do not teach how to create and implement end-to-end projects for things like aggregating movie trailers, tracking sports teams, getting information about video games, and other real-world topics. This often leaves a void in people's understanding of how to execute on the very things that inspire them to get into coding. Practical Python Projects demonstrates how to combine different libraries and frameworks to build amazing things. 

    As we're certain you have questions, please read the FAQ below.


      How much does it cost?

      The ebook sells for US$29.95. Site licenses are also available.

      For now we are providing PDF. Later we will release epub and Kindle/mobi versions. You will also get all updates to the ebook version of Practical Python Projects including the additional formats.

      When was the alpha released?

      The alpha was released on August 19th, 2020. 

      What do you mean by "alpha"?

      The book is still being updated. There will be formatting issues. Some areas may be incorrect or unclear. Not all chapters will be available, please examine the table of contents.

      What formats?

      For e-books, we're starting with PDF then expanding to epub and kindle/mobi formats. Purchasers of the e-book will get the new formats when they are ready.

      For print, we definitely will have a paperback version. We are also exploring coil-bound and hardcover versions.

      When will the print edition come out?

      We're not certain, but we hope before the end of 2020.

      Is this a Python tutorial?

      The book assumes the reader has a comfortable level of Python proficiency. If you are bored with beginner tutorials this book is for you. If you have intermediate-to-advanced skills you may find this book a lot of fun.

      If you are an absolute beginner to Python or programming, please read the next FAQ item.

      I've never programmed before. Is this book for me?

      We recommend you learn the basics of Python programming first. Spend a weekend with tutorials such as Learn Python the Hard Way or Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, then pick up this book.

      Will there be a discounted ebook/print bundle?


      For people who buy the e-book now we'll send a discount code when the print edition is ready.

      Can I get an autographed copy?

      We thought hard about this and decided against it. While we wish we could have Yasoob autograph every copy, signing books creates restrictions that make logistics challenging. For example, if we find a printer in Australia that can ship books to a fulfillment warehouse in Australia, Yasoob would have to fly to Australia to sign the books between printing and shipment. Flying to every country would be amazing for him but is prohibitively expensive. That said, he's very happy to sign copies at conferences and meetups.

      Can I buy the book with cryptocurrency?

      Absolutely! We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. To see our options, during checkout, choose "Coinbase Commerce" for your payment option.

      I'm in Bangladesh, can I buy the book with Taka?

      Absolutely! In fact, you can use Bangladesh payment gateways and we have made cost-of-living adjustments to the price of the book for customers in Bangladesh. Purchase the book at

      I'm in Brasil, can I buy the book with Real?

      Absolutely! In fact, you can use Brasil payment gateways and we have made cost-of-living adjustments to the price of the book there. Purchase the book at

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      Yes! We now support payments with EBANX for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Residents of those countries can pay in their own currency as well as in installments (pay a portion of the total cost each month). The details of how this works depend on the country.

      If you are a resident of those countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru), choose EBANX as an option during checkout. 

      I'm in Mexico, can I buy the book with EBANX?

      Yes! We now support payments with EBANX for Mexico. Residents of Mexico can pay in pesos as well as in installments (pay a portion of the total cost each month).

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      I'm in Colombia, can I buy the book with EBANX?

      Not yet. We're still in the midst of paperwork to get set up with EBANX for Colombia residents. 

      I'm in Iran, how can I buy the book?

      Due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot legally do business with residents or organizations based in Iran.

      I'm in India, how can I buy the book?

      If you do not have access to payment methods that work with Stripe, PayPal, or cryptocurrency, we will soon be selling the book on Pothi

      I'm in XYZ and our credit cards don't work with Stripe or PayPal, how can I buy the book?

      We are happy to explore additional distributors and payment gateways in other countries. If you want to know our requirements for accepting other forms of payment, please email us.

      In the meantime, various forms of cryptocurrency can be used to make a purchase from this store.

      What's your release schedule?

      We want to get the book out as soon as possible. Our tentative schedule is:

      • Alpha E-Book: August 20th, 2020, with frequent updates as we improve the book.
      • Beta E-Book: ??? 2020, with frequent updates as we improve the book. 
      • Final E-Book and Print Versions: ??? 2020. Once it goes out to print in perfect bound and hopefully coil and hardcover.

      We will update this schedule based on the ability to get prototypes from printers.

      If I purchased the Alpha e-book, do I get access to the Beta and Final versions?

      Yes, e-book purchasers get access to all subsequent versions of this edition of Practical Python Projects.

      What happens if I use up all my downloads?

      If you use up all your downloads you can email us to get them reset back to five (5).

      Also, any time we update our books, we reset the download count back to five. 

      Will there be any translations?

      Yes, while we don't have a concrete schedule for delivery, we are considering:

      • Brazilian Portuguese (included with purchase of English version from
      • Spanish (included with purchase of English version from

        If you represent a company that translates textbooks and want to translate our books to another language, please contact us at

        Who is the author?

        Yasoob Khalid is a software developer, artist, and author famous for his first book, the widely-read and very free Intermediate Python. A senior at Colgate University, Yasoob has interned at Microsoft and his work has benefited people at Intel, Google, Penn State, and Cisco (among others). He's completed numerous projects and written 150+ articles on programming, most of which you can find at his Python Tips blog, now found at

          Can we see the table of contents?

          This is subject to change. Bold chapter/appendix names are what is currently in the e-book. The unbolded chapters will be included as fast as we can update them. 

          1. Introduction
          2. FIFA World Cup Twilio Bot
          3. Making a Reddit + Facebook Messenger Bot
          4. Scraping Steam Using lxml
          5. Automatic Invoice Generation
          6. Article Summarization & Automated Image Generation
          7. Cinema Pre-show Generator
          8. Understanding and Decoding a JPEG Image using Python
          9. Full Page Scroll Animation Video
          10. Visualizing Server Locations
          11. Making a TUI Email Client
          12. A Music/Video GUI Downloader
          13. Deploying Flask to Production
          14. Afterword